When shopping for wedding bands, you will be faced with many choices. Some brides and grooms choose to take their time when choosing wedding rings, carefully narrowing down each option to find the perfect ring. If you would like the process to be quick and easy, then all you really need to do is consider these 10 tips.


10 Wedding Band Tips:

1. Choose a metal

Wedding bands are generally available in yellow gold, white gold, platinum, titanium and tungsten. White gold, yellow gold and platinum are classic while titanium and tungsten are more modern.

2. Select a color

The most popular silver-toned metals are white gold and platinum. Tungsten and titanium are slightly more grey than silver. Yellow gold stands alone in the gold-tone category; rose gold is similar with a pale pink hue.

3. Compare widths

Typically, men’s wedding bands are wide and women’s wedding bands are thin, but you don’t have to stick to these rules. Thinner bands are generally more comfortable while wide rings are more noticeable.

4. Settle on stones

You can choose a plain wedding ring or one that is decorated with gemstones and diamonds. Many women like a wedding band with diamonds that matches their engagement ring. Most men’s wedding bands are plain, but some have one large center stone for extra flash. Colorful gemstones are also available in wedding bands.

5. Choose your fit and shape

Comfort-fit wedding bands are very popular. They are contoured on the inside, allowing the ring to slide over the knuckle easily; very little metal touches the skin. Most comfort-fit bands are half-round rings, which are domed on the top. Pipe wedding bands are flat with straight sides. Half-round rings have a traditional look; pipe wedding bands offer a more modern aesthetic.

6. Select a finish

Wedding bands are polished or brushed to influence their appearance. Polished wedding bands are shiny and reflective; brushed wedding bands are textured.

7. Compare accents

Most wedding bands have inlay details, grooves or beveled edges. These details add distinct style to a wedding band and make it your own.

8. Coordinate styles

Do you and your fiance want matching wedding rings? Many couples choose similar or matching wedding bands for a cohesive look. Other couples prefer to choose their styles independently.



9. Indulge your individuality

You don’t have to settle for a boring wedding band. Express yourself with unique accents and interesting details. Two-tone wedding bands are ideal for men and women who wear a lot of jewelry because they match all of the different metal types. Wild colors and laser-etched accents are also available, so feel free to choose a wedding ring that matches your personality.

10. Don’t feel trapped

If choosing a wedding band is proving more stressful than you would like, then take the pressure off the situation by selecting a band that you like right now. If you don’t like the wedding band in a few years, then you can always get a different one. Move through wedding planning simply by removing some of the permanence.


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