It’s time for CAKE! Ever fascinate your perfect wedding cake on your Big Day? You may have browsed thousands of wedding cakes on Pinterest, but you still have difficulties of choosing The One when you actually look for it in a bakery store. Here is some tips for you to go closer to your dreams!

1.Choose a reputable bakery store.

A reputable bakery store is the very important beginning to realize your cake dream. You might see all those fancy photos online, but you have to make sure what they really like in the store. Take your besties and visit several local bakery store before your final decision. Remember to talk to the staff in the store and better to have a taste of their cakes.Most dedicate bakery store would have a nice and professional staff help you with the cake choice and design. They will have a nice place for you to sit down and talk about the details.  If you do not like any part of the whole visiting experience, you’d better have a second thought before you make a decision.



2 Give yourself enough time

3-6 month in advance would be a good timing for final deciding your wedding cake. Once you have known your wedding theme and the color, deciding wedding cake would be more easier and efficient. Make sure do not let yourself still hesitating in the final two month of your wedding planning because you will have to so many things during that period. In order to be less stressful, the earlier the better!


3. Don’t assume— TASTE!

You have you like the taste of your cake not only the outlook but also the taste of your cake. I’m sure you want every guest to enjoy our sweetest moments as well as your sweet cake. Arrange a cake tasting before your final order. Try to taste all of them since it varies when its formulation, frosting are different. Pick the flavor you like and enjoy the rest part of the expecting time.


4 It’s always about Design.

“OMG, these cakes look amazing!” You might be amazed at different cakes online and dreamed of your own cakes. When it comes to your wedding, what design would you use on your cake? If you have a planner and designer, it would be much easier for you. Follow the professions’ guide and provide them your color and theme. If you don’t know how to express yourself, a lot of brides now are using Pinterest to make a board for inspiration for their vendors too! Remember to share your boards to the Bakery and discuss the detail of the cake with them.

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