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We totally understand: it’s your big day!

But with average wedding costs looming over $28,000, according to a 2012 study done by, is there a way you can save money while still having your dream wedding?

The answer: YES!

#1: Cut out the band!


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Compare the prices: the average band will cost you on average $3,084 whereas a DJ will only put you back $988. And that’s not even including the price of feeding the band members (approx $50-$75 per person)! When it comes to your favorite songs, sometimes the original, even if it’s not live, is definitely better.

#2: Wedding Favors


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According to Ursula Reynolds, who spent her wedding eve putting together 80 boxes of chocolates: “At the end of my reception, once guests departed, around 70% of the favors were left on the table”. Why spend so much on trivial items your guests will throw away as soon as they get home? As pretty as picture frames, champagne glasses, and desserts may look, skip ‘em — leave your guests with good memories of food and entertainment instead.

#3: Paper Programs and Menus:


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All that cardstock you painstakingly chose for the programs and menus? You secretly know it will all be thrown away by the end of the event. Instead, some creative alternatives we’ve seen include

– having guests pre-order their meals before the wedding day

– providing 2 smaller entrees, rather than a larger one of choice

– writing the menu on big chalkboards, making it decor!

#4: Chair Covers:


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To be quite honest, does anyone really notice if there is a cushion underneath their rear end? Not particularly. Overstressed bridezillas are deluded into believing everything must. be. perfect, but opting out of these pieces of cloths will save you around $1,500. Unless there is something terribly wrong with the chairs, skip ‘em.

#5: Extravagant Floral Centerpieces


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Sure, flowers are beautiful. But go overboard on them and it looks slightly cliche — and will set you back around $2,000. To cut back, we offer you some creative alternatives

– reusing bridesmaids’ bouquets as centerpieces

– diy your pieces: 2 fish (1 female, 1 male) in a fishbowl, glass vases with LED lights and ping pong balls, etc.

– using sentimental items, such as candles and family photos

Trust us, your credit card will definitely thank us later.


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