Don’t take on all the big wedding jobs yourself! Brides it is time to delegate.

As a bride, it’s easy to think you need to do every wedding task yourself (or want to… Bridezilla alert!!) but unless you want to have a nervous breakdown before your big day you’ll need to delegate some of the jobs to helpful friends and family.

The hen do
This is one job your bridesmaids will expect to be in charge of – so why not leave them to it? Let them know who you’d like to come and if there’s anything you’d especially like to do (or not do!) and you’ll be amazed by what they come up with.


The endless DIY
Fact: DIY décor ALWAYS takes longer than you think it will. When you only have two meters of bunting sewn, or 50 of your 1,000 origami cranes made, it’s time to call in your crafty friends. Make sure you prep your helpers early to get it all done.


The guest book
It’s all too easy for drunk people to ignore the guest book so ask an usher or bridesmaid to take it around (or direct people to it) for you on the big day.


No doubt you have a vision of how you want your reception to look, but all those gorgeous Pinterest images you’ve drooled over were not created by one person. You’ll need help to get everything hung/tied/pinned and secured – other people might even have a few good suggestions!


Make sure all your favorite tunes are ready for your iPod disco but ask your techie brother to set up the sound system – it’s not all about the bass.


The bridesmaid dresses
If you’re struggling to find the perfect gown to suit everyone asks your bridesmaids to take the lead. They’ll find something they’re comfortable in and as a result feel happier on the day.


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