Every bride is beautiful on her wedding day. While some may attribute this to her glow of happiness on this special occasion, it’s hard to dismiss the role that a beautiful white dress and the right accessories play in creating that perfect look. Accessories can make any outfit seem more special and personalized, and wedding gowns are no exception.

Accessorizing a wedding dress isn’t rocket science, but for brides who may find themselves clueless, this document can help them decide by giving them the top seven do’s and don’ts when it comes to bridal accessories. Tiaras, necklaces, and other types of wedding jewelry and accessories can be purchased at bridal and jewelry stores, but for the bride who may not have a lot of time to shop, visiting a site like eBay can be a good way to find the perfect bridal accessories.

7 Bridal Accessories Do’s

When it comes to bridal attire, there aren’t any hard and fast rules, and no bride gets penalized for doing the “wrong” thing. However, the following seven bridal accessories do’s will help brides look coordinate and lessen wedding day stress.

Do 1: Choose the Dress First

While this may seem like common sense, there are many brides who fall in love with a certain tiara or necklace and make an impulse buy without deciding on a wedding dress. The problem may arise later when she finds her dream dress and realizes that the piece she bought earlier doesn’t match the dress at all. Since this is the main centerpiece of the bridal outfit, the bride should first decide on the dress and then purchase matching accessories later on.

Do 2: Go Beyond the Traditional Tiara

Almost every little girl dreams of being a princess and wearing a tiara, but unless she grows up to be Miss America, her wedding day is the only chance to wear such a crown. Therefore, for those who’ve waited decades to wear a tiara, go ahead and enjoy the moment. However, for women who don’t see themselves as the princess type, don’t feel pressured to wear a jeweled princess tiara. There are countless options and alternatives to tiaras, like bridal hats, bridal headbands, bridal fascinators, or one can simply choose to go without any sort of headpiece.

Do 3: Use Color

While tradition dictates that the dress should be white, brides should try to mix things up by adding a splash of color to their outfits with accessories. Some opt for colored gemstones or pearls for their accessories to add just a touch of color, while some like bold accents like colored sashes or appliques on the dress. Adding some color can make the wedding outfit more unique, especially for people who purchase their dress off-the-rack.

Do 4: Use Complementary Accents

There’s no need to stick to just gemstones or sequins for bridal accessories. Brides should feel free to mix up different kinds of accents, as long as they are complementary and don’t make the bride look like a disorganized mess. For example, white pearls and clear crystals make a stunning combination, which can enhance any wedding gown style or design.

Do 5: Accessorize the Bridal Party

All eyes will be on the bride on her wedding day, but don’t forget the other important ladies who have made this day possible. Bridesmaids and maids of honor have stuck with the bride through thick and thin, and spent time and money doing all sorts of wedding-related activities. Bridesmaid dresses and maid of honor dresses are usually complementary to the bride’s dress without being too flashy, and oftentimes, each individual bridesmaid won’t have a choice of dress. Brides should let these ladies shine too, and let them express themselves and their own style with wedding jewelry and accessories.

Do 6: Incorporate Personal Style

There are plenty of bridal accessories available these days, and brides will surely find something that suits their taste and style. Accessories are the one thing where brides can break tradition, so she should go ahead and unleash her inner self with her accessories. For example, some brides may like butterflies, so she can incorporate some butterfly jewelry or hair pieces into the wedding outfit.

Do 7: Be Comfortable

Above all, the bride should feel comfortable during her own wedding, so accessorize accordingly. While those 5-inch crystal-studded heels may look pretty, after four hours standing up and mingling with guests, they might not feel so good on the feet. Brides need to choose accessories that will enhance their look, but not prevent them from enjoying this special day.

7 Bridal Accessories Don’ts

Fashion experts say that accessories can make or break an outfit. A bad pair of shoes can ruin even the most stunning dress. Therefore, before the wedding day, brides should take heed of the following bridal accessory don’ts.

Don’t 1: Wait Until the Last Minute

Planning a wedding can be hectic, and brides often don’t have a minute to breathe once the wedding day looms closer. However, she shouldn’t forget to accessorize her dress, or else find herself running through the mall trying to find a pair of earrings that matches her outfit on the night before her wedding. Therefore, plan ahead and try on accessories and other embellishments when fitting the dress, or bring a picture of the dress when shopping for accessories.

Don’t 2: Overdo It

It’s easy to get carried away with all the pretty and shiny accessories that can come with the wedding dress. Sparkly shoes, shiny bracelets, and other add-ons can make any girl swoon, but too much and she may end up looking more like a disco ball than a radiant bride on her wedding day. Stick to classic accents, and when in doubt, remember that less is more when it comes to accessories.

Don’t 3: Use Rhinestones

Rhinestones make a cheap alternative to more expensive Swarovski crystals, but they may not look too great on the big day. In fact, when photographed, plastic rhinestones don’t reflect light properly and can end up looking like black dots in photos. If Swarovskis aren’t in the budget, go for alternatives like cheaper off-brand crystals, glass, or other accents like pearls or sequins.

Don’t 4: Forget to Check from Behind

While most brides are obsessed about how they look from the front, most forget that after they walk down the aisle and are standing in front of the ceremony performer, most of the guests will be watching her from behind. Therefore, brides should take note of how they look from behind as well. Additional accents and accessories can make the dress look beautiful from any angle.

Don’t 5: Be Bogged Down by Tradition

Most girls dream of the picture-perfect wedding with the white dress, satin gloves, and long veil trailing behind her. However, brides should remember these are modern times and she shouldn’t feel hindered by so-called traditions. For example, brides are supposed to wear pearls on the wedding day. This tradition goes back to ancient Roman and Greek times when these precious stones were a symbol of wealth and beauty. However, for the bride who just doesn’t feel like wearing pearls, she should go ahead and wear rubies, sapphires, or any accessory she wants, because after all, it is her wedding day.

Don’t 6: Remove Shoes During the Reception

After a few hours of standing and walking around during the reception, the bride may feel uncomfortable in her heels and feel tempted to remove her shoes and walk around barefoot. Not only is this unsanitary, but also looks sloppy. For those who are used to wearing low heels, wearing five-inch heels for the first time during the wedding day probably isn’t a great idea. Therefore, brides should choose shoes they know they can wear for hours and spend a few minutes each day practicing and breaking in these shoes to ensure maximum comfort during the wedding ceremony and reception.

Don’t 7: Feel the Need to Wear an Elaborate Veil

A wedding veil is a traditional part of the bride’s wedding outfit, symbolizing her modesty and purity. Today, most brides wear veils not just for tradition, but because they look great as they walk down the aisle and really, there’s probably no other occasion where they’ll ever get to wear one again. However, not all brides may feel the need to wear veils, and wearing one is a personal choice. The bride should feel free to wear any type of veil she wants, or not wear one at all.


For some brides, walking down the aisle with just her wedding gown and inner glow may be enough, but the right bridal accessories can make any woman look truly stunning. Bridal accessories are like spices in a dish; just the right amount and right kind can enhance the taste, but too much or the wrong kind can ruin any meal. Brides looking to add the right accents to a dress should consider these seven do’s: purchase the dress first, go beyond the tiara, use color and complementary accents, accessorize the rest of the bridal party, incorporate their own personal styles, and be comfortable.

On the other hand, brides should heed the seven don’ts of bridal accessories: don’t wait until the last moment, over-accessorize, use rhinestones, forget to check from behind, get bogged down by tradition, remove their shoes during the reception, or feel they have to wear an elaborate veil. After considering these do’s and don’ts, brides can feel confident when they start shopping for bridal accessories, and one of the best places to purchase these accessories is eBay.

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