1) Pick the one-year anniversary of your engagement date. 
That way you’ll always be able to celebrate both!

2) Pick your dating anniversary. 

So you don’t have to ditch that one altogether. (Especially good for couples who have been together – and celebrating the same anniversary! – for 5+ years.)

3) Consider your (happily married) parents’ or grandparents’ wedding date. 

Nothing like choosing a date that pays tribute to loved ones.

4) Think about price. 

Your favorite venue may be much less costly if you pick a Sunday afternoon over a Saturday night or a February date over a June one.

5) Think about a theme.

Maybe winter wonderland-themed New Year’s Eve nuptials suit you and your honey best … or you’ve always had a thing for April Fools’ Day.

6) See if your culture has a traditional way of choosing an auspicious date.

For instance, Japanese families use the koyomi, an ancient astrological calendar, to pick the best day, while ancient Greeks divined pig entrails! Really!

7) Consult an astrologer. 

I confess: This is what I did. Some might roll their eyes at this, and that’s fine! But when guests’ delayed flights cause them to miss your Mercury retrograde wedding or Uncle Ted and Cousin Jack get into an all-out brawl during your wonky full moon nuptials, don’t come cryin’ to me! Plus, a wedding is the birth of your marriage, so the astrological effects are much farther-reaching than the wedding day itself …

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Credit: the Stir (Cafemom)

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