Choosing the wedding date is one of the most important tasks in your wedding planning  — it may impact every other aspect
of your wedding day.

1) How long do you need to prepare the wedding?
It usually takes at least 6 months to prepare a wedding, unless you want to have a simple wedding. Please give you and your guest plenty time before the wedding.

2) What is your dreaming wedding season?
Consider your dreaming season before deciding the date. Which one do you prefer, freshness in the spring, the sunshine in the summer, rich colors in the autumn, or snowfall in the winter?

3) How about the weather in your wedding location?
Weather is an important factor in choosing your wedding date. Remember to avoid the bad weather in your weeding location, e.g. the hurricane season. If it is a destination wedding, study the weather there before you decide the date.

4) Have you considered a off-season wedding to trim your budget?
Usually, the off-season is from November to April, and the venues would like provide discounts on off-season weddings. If your budget is limited, maybe you can choose an off-season date, especially your wedding location is not cold in winter.

5) Holidays? Your birthday? The anniversaries?
Some new couples prefer choosing holidays or their significant dates as their wedding dates. Valentine’s Day is one of the popular holidays.

6) What is the pros and cons for a long-weekend wedding?
If you have a lot of out-of-town guests, a long-weekend wedding may give them more time for this travel. However, the cost of long-weekend travel is more expensive. Also, the guests maybe have their own family plan on long-weekends.

7) What are the opinions and suggestions from your VIPs?
After you have the main idea about your wedding date, please discuss with your VIPs. The schedule of VIPs is important as well. And your family may give your some valuable suggestions about the wedding date.

8) Have you avoided the no-no dates in your culture?
In different cultures, there may be some no-no dates for the wedding.  Avoid these dates in your culture, if possible.

9) Finally, check your preference dates with your wedding venue candidates.
We usually provide a list of preference dates to the wedding venue candidates and check their availability and then finalize the wedding date.

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