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A Fresh Spin on the Family Tree


The bride at this Kentucky wedding created this display by decoupaging thrift-store china with photocopied wedding portraits of her and the groom’s relatives on their wedding days.


Multipurpose Pieces


At just over $1 each, Mason jars can quickly morph from drinking glasses to vases to hurricane lanterns. (More easy crafts using Mason jars)


Customized Wine Bottles


This bride and groom at this Oregon wedding used customized wine labels to give each table a personal touch.


Hatch a Prettier Seating Plan


carrier pigeon, clad in a vintage-postcard print—could there be a
wittier way to convey your wedding’s pecking order? We fell for the
concept upon spying it in Clare Youngs’s Book Art (Cico, $21.95). Then we simplified the process for you: Just print our placecard art
onto 8½”W x 11″L card stock, cut out, and fold in half as directed. To
equip each pigeon with a message, write a guest’s name on a 5/16″W x 6″L
strip of paper and curl the ends by wrapping them around a pencil. Then
loop the strip around the bird’s front leg before perching him atop a
plate. (More place card ideas)





Let it Snow


up a little snow business for a winter wedding. Use stencils and white
fabric paint to imprint a flurry of flakes onto linen tablecloths that
will cover tables at the reception. Liquor labels, decorated with a snowflake-shaped craft punch, can be placed at the bar.


Pull-Out Photo Album

Transform a series of candid images of you and the groom into a curated collection with the help of a lidded wooden box ($1.49; 3½”W x 3½”L x 2″D; woodcrafter.com), then strategically place the boxes on each table.

Step 1:
Cut an 8 ½”W × 14″L piece of heavy card stock to a width of 2 13/16″.
Using a ruler and a pencil, measure and mark the card stock, crosswise,
every 2 13/16 inches.

Step 2: Fold the card stock at the first mark, creasing it with a bone folder to get a precise line (Fiskars, $6.80; amazon.com).
At the next mark, fold and crease the card stock in the opposite
direction. Continue the accordion folds for the remaining marks, then
erase the marks.

Step 3: Position the folded card stock on a flat surface so that it’s as shown, left—with
the topmost fold facing you. Cut five images into two-inch squares,
then center one on each card-stock square and adhere with spray mount (3M, $6.57 for 4.4 ounces; dickblick.com). Allow 10 minutes of drying time.

Step 4:
Fit your folded card stock in the box. If you’d like, hot-glue the back
side of the bottom square to the inside bottom of the box, and let dry
another 10 minutes. For a finishing touch, use hot glue to adhere a loop
of ribbon to the top back edge of the top square, and let dry five
minutes. And just like that, you’ve got a “scrapbook” that’s the very
picture of fun.


Think Outside the Vase


At her Georgia wedding,
this designer struck a down-to-earth note by aging too-shiny galvanized
buckets with a few spritzes of bleach. She suggests a similarly simple
approach to arrangements: Unify flowers around a single hue, as in this
grouping of white carnations and mums.


A Happy Message


Now here’s an idea
you’ll want to clip and save: This easy craft lets your guests write a
note to you and the groom, then easily display them at the reception.
Ideas for where to hang it? Try near the place cards. (Get the complete step-by-step instructions)






Delightful DIY Wedding Decorations (Part I)

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