daniel-suarez-photography-107970We see a wide variety of family shapes, sizes and dynamics from the users of LadyMarry, and we’re often asked about the most appropriate order for both the processional and recessional. So today I thought I would share with you some general guidelines for the big entrance and exit so that no one feels left out or that their thunder was stolen. As with most wedding “traditions” these are guidelines, not a black and white how-to so take notes but feel free to tweak this as necessary for your bridal party.


General Guidelines:

  • Traditionally, ladies are always on the left side of their escort, however it is also acceptable for the lady to stand on the side she will be seated. For example, the mother of the groom (MOG) may walk in on her escort’s right side because she will be seated on the right side of the chapel.
  • If there are ushers/escorts, the lady will be walked in first on the escort’s arm, with her husband following behind.
  • In circumstances of divorced families, the mother of the bride or groom is traditional given precedence and therefore walk in after the father and stepmother have been seated. They also traditionally get to sit in the front row unless the parents are on good terms, in which case they may choose to sit together.
  • The wedding party may process in separately or in pairs.
  • Child attendants are the last ones in before the bride, depending on their age, they may walk in together or separate but it’s really not too important because they’re usually so cute they can get away with anything at this point.


Processional Order (if present):

  1. Groom’s paternal grandparents
  2. Groom’s maternal grandparents
  3. Bride’s paternal grandparents
  4. Bride’s maternal grandparents
  5. Groom’s parents, MOG may be escorted in by the groom with her husband following behind.
  6. Mother of the Bride (MOB), often escorted by a son or another male relative but may also be escorted by the Father of the Bride who returns to the front of the church to escort his daughter, the bride.
  7. The Wedding Party: Beginning with the officiant followed by the Groom, his best man and groomsmen in their standing order. After they are in their places, the bridesmaids begin filing in in reverse order; beginning with the last bridesmaid in line and ending with the Maid/Matron of Honor.
  8. Children attendants
  9. The Bride and her father, or whomever she chooses to be her escort for the day.


Recessional order (Essentially the reverse of the Processional order):

  1. The Bride and Groom
  2. Children attendants
  3. Honor attendants (Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor)
  4. The rest of the bridal party in pairs
  5. The Bride’s Parents
  6. The Groom’s Parents

Grandparents may also recess but often stay seated because the bridal party returns shortly for pictures and this eliminates any excess walking for those who may not be as mobile.


Music Choices for the Processional and Recessional:


Seating of the Families and Entrance of the Bridal party:

  • Beethoven’s 5th Symphony
  • Air on the G String by Bach
  • Arioso by Bach
  • Four Seasons by Vivaldi
  • Greensleeves- a traditional English folk song
  • Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring by Bach
  • Ave Maria by Schubert

Entrance of the Bride:

  • Air on the G String by Bach
  • Canon in D by Pachelbel
  • Bridal Chorus by Wagner**


  • Festive Trumpet Tune by German
  • Fanfare by Lemmens
  • Toccata by Widor
  • Rondeau by Mouret
  • Wedding March by Mendelssohn**

I hope this post serves as a guide and resource to your big day!


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Source/Credit: robertcarrchapel.wordpress.com

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