In our last post, we shared tips on how to identify your body type and find the dress style to best flatter your silhouette. (You can find that article here!) By popular request, here is part two.

For our petite ladies

Contrary to popular belief, most wedding styles will flatter a petite silhouette. For maximum glam, however, look for dresses that hit right above your natural waistline to create an illusion of an elongated lower body. We especially recommend empire style dresses or mermaid gowns, as the continuous, flowing skirt will definitely add length to the legs. A little bit of texture in the form of ruffles, beads, or sequins can add a touch of elegance to your dress. There is a slight caveat to this, though: avoid big bows or designs that will overwhelm your figure and drown you in seas of chiffon and satin.


{ Dress by David’s Bridal, Flowers by Alena Jean, Photography by Max Ye at LovePlus Studio, shared from }

For our slim, long-legged brides

Embrace your inner giraffe by donning classic ball gowns, mermaid dresses, and simple sheath dresses. In particular, these dresses with nipped waistlines will best emphasize your natural shape. Try to avoid dresses with too many embellishments, but don’t be afraid to go for more daring styles, such as dresses with a wrapped bodice, open backs / necklines, etc. Long story short: a little goes a long way for your figure, so keep it clean and simple.


{ Dress by Stella York, shared from www.fotavo.c

om }

For our smaller chested ladies

Don’t fret, padded push-up bras aren’t your only solution! Keep an eye out for wrapped bodices and halter gowns with a v-shaped  neckline. Play up your upper body with different types of ruffles and laces to create a balanced silhouette. Remember, all dress lengths can be altered, so with a nice pair of heels you’ll be all set to go!



{ Dress by Garnish Boutique, Flowers by Violets Country Florist, Photography by Natalie Franke, shared from }

For our brides with larger busts

Note: Completely covering larger busts only serves to emphasize the area even more! To avoid looking like Pamela Anderson or having a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, strategic structuring is everything. We recommend soft sweetheart and illusion necklines, as opposed to blunt flat necklines which will create a shell-like look. Stray away from shinier fabrics, like organza and satin, that will only further highlight the best. Don’t be afraid to show some cleavage, but don’t let that become the centerpiece of your bridal look!


{ Photography by John Schnack, shared from }

All photos and tips are shared courtesy from Fotavo, a visual platform aiming to simplify the bride and groom’s tasks of planning their dream wedding by providing creative inspiration and a supportive wedding community.

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