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When you ask the groomsmen to be in your wedding it’s assumed they will be renting tuxedos, usually at their own expense. While rental offers range from $50 to $150, I have personally found most rentals end up averaging $120, and can be as much as $200. Each tux is a different price and most brides & grooms gravitate to the nicer fabrics because they feel and look better, but also cost more. Some stores charge extra for shoes & accessories such as vests. That entry level deal is rarely the out the door price.

Another option is to buy a tux. The problem is most people won’t have enough occasions over the next 5 to 10 years to justify the cost. After all you may want to wear a 3 button coat to your wedding while the next one is a 2 button. Then you’re back to square one. The point at which it makes sense financially to own a tux is if you will wear it 3 to 4 times a year. Less than that and you are buying one because you want to wear YOUR tux and not one a hundred other guys have worn.

When the Bride & Groom decide they want their wedding somewhat formal but different from the norm, the third option comes into play.  That is when the Groom & Groomsmen wearing a matching suit. The fathers usually enjoy being a part of this as well.

The great thing about it is the Groom gets to come out of the ceremony not just with a beautiful new wife but also with a very nice & useful suit he can wear for years to come.

This isn’t for every wedding ceremony & if it’s not in the budget then don’t even consider it. Here’s when it might be right to do so:

  • The Groom & Groomsmen will get plenty of use out of a nice suit later
  • You would feel a little awkward wearing a tux that you don’t where it’s been
  • The Bride or Groom’s family can subsidize the purchase OR
  • The Groomsmen have the ability to buy their own suit
  • The Groomsmen are already out $100-200 for a rental tux anyway so why not put that money towards a purchase.
  • You would like your special day to not be a cookie cutter wedding
  • Your wedding is out of town, making a rental last too long & cost too much
  • You would like to have a lasting memento of your special day
  • Add your own reason here_______________________

Some Grooms like to wear something a little different to stand out in the wedding party. Perhaps he’s in Black and the Groomsmen are in charcoal grey. Or for a summer wedding outdoors during the day he’s in tan and they wear brown. Usually the couple likes to arrange for colored ties and pocket squares to match the bridesmaids if the theme isn’t black & white.


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