Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  What is Irish wedding traditions?

Tying the knot

In traditional Irish wedding, the bride and groom hold their hands together. Then, use ribbon to tie their hands together to show the joining of husband and wife.

Superstitions – Sunshine and birds

One of the superstitions in traditional Irish wedding is about weather. If it is sunny on wedding day, it brings good luck to the new couple. Another superstition is that it is lucky, if the bride hear the sound of cuckoo or see three magpies.

Special wedding band – Claddagh ring
Claddagh ring is the traditinal Irish wedding band. It looks like two hands holding a crowned heart. In tradition, it is usually handed down through generations, instead of buying your own one.

Toast – Slainte!
There are many traditional Irish wedding toasts, and ‘Slainte!’ is the one for any occasion.

Wild flowers grown
In traditional Irish wedding, bride does not use veil. They prefer wearing wild flowers in their hair, typically Lavender.

Blue dress
Although many Irish brides wear white gown now, the traditional wedding dress color is blue.

Two-layer fruit cake
Usually, the Irish wedding cake is a fruit cake and may be soaked in good Irish whiskey. It has at least two layers. The bottom layer was distributed to all guests on wedding day. The upper layer was kept until the first-born.

Porcelain bell
Porcelain bell is a good choice as a traditional Irish wedding gift. It can remind the couple of the bells that rang after they exchanged vows on their wedding day.

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