Many women dream of their wedding from birth. We have fancy crazy ideas, we have romantic thought, we dream a lot. Normally we don’t think wedding planning a “man” stuff since men are always into those sports, beers and stuffs. However, sometimes it’s just lonely and frustrated with so many decisions to make.

Here are some realistic approaches for brides to get your groom involved:

  • Budgeting: If he does good in Math and likes to be surrounded with numbers, he can definitely help you with the wedding budget. “Simply put, the man likes to be in charge of the money,” says Samantha Goldberg, owner of Gold Events, in Bridgewater, NJ. Easy tools like LadyMarry can help you with wedding budgeting and its mobile App can be even more convenient for your groom to look into that by using his piece time.
  • Wedding music and DJ: It’s a party and everyone shall enjoy this. Your groom might have his best taste of music, so get him on board to pick the best music for your wedding. It’s also the biggest chance to show how brilliant of him in front of all your guests. If you appreciate his taste on music, just let him to play. It’s your wedding, it’s your party, just have some fun.
  • Catering: If you are not that good at food tasting and tired of try different catering vendors, it’s better to let your groom to make the decision, especially for the wine part. Food and drinks make your wedding more pleasant. Ask him if he wants to make the choice. Maybe they’ll gladly help plan a self-gratifying, self-indulgent, all-night feast catered to your exact expectations.
  • Photography:  “Men want to make sure they won’t have to pose for too many photos, and they don’t want the photographer to be invasive of their space,” says Goldberg. Ask him if he wants to work with the photographer to keep your best moments more memorable.
  • Negotiating: Feeling stressful and unconfident about negotiating the details especially for the pricing? You might already have some approaches to your wedding vendors, but you need someone to help! If your groom negotiating well at his works or even more persuasive when your guys are arguing, he might be a helper to stand out and present your ideas. Since he might already be in charge of the whole budgeting, it’s also better to let him negotiate the price.

Enjoy your wedding planning and you deserve to be cared.

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