First of all, what is LadyMarry? 

LadyMarry is an online virtual wedding planner who helps you plan a wedding in a professional way for free.  You can:

  • Get a customized checklist month-by-month
  • Organize all your wedding information on-the-go
  • Ask the virtual planner about any questions of wedding


You will have three views of your checklist:

1 ) Timeline      2) Category     3)  Timetable (website only)

  • Timeline: you can either check off the tasks or click each task to learn more tips. Tasks are customized month by month.
  • Category: All the tasks are re-organized by category. You can easily track each progress at a glance, and click the photos to learn in details.
  • Timetable: Drag and drop each task to reschedule the plan. (website only)


Organizer helps you organize your wedding costs, vendors and notes.

  • Cost: You can schedule the next payment to a vendor. You will get a notification before the payment due date. All costs will be summarized with a total.
  • Vendor: No matter a candidate or the one finally signs the contract, you can add the vendor contact, pricing and interview notes here for later check and discussion.
  • Note: Write down whatever you’d like to take a quick note. Who will be the Maid of honor? What’s the color theme…? You can also brainstorm the guest list, the vows, toast, etc.


LadyMarry is a virtual planner that you can ask her anything about the wedding. Most of the communication happens through emails and text messages.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via

Welcome to LadyMarry. And look forward to seeing your unique and sweet wedding in the near future!

Made with L.O.V.E.!

LadyMarry Team

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