Congratulations again on your engagement! In order to plan your wedding 3x faster than the average, let’s check out the below to get a better idea of LadyMarry.

  1. Customize a plan for your Day
  2. Check out the tasks & the how-tos
  3. Organize your notes
  4. Have a big picture of your whole plan
  5. Sync across any Android phones

Step 1: Your tasks are highly customized. Simply check what to do month by month, category by category on “Checklist” view, based on your wedding date. Check off the tasks you have completed, and archive the tasks you don’t need.


Step 2: We’ll never overload you with tasks you won’t use. Click “+Create Task” on the right top, and you can add additional tasks from the task pool. For example, plan engagement party, plan your honeymoon, etc. Also, you can find the tasks archived here and add them back.



Step 3: Get the informative helps on-the-go. Open a task on “Checklist”, and you can see the local average cost, edit task names, due dates, add 3 sorts of notes for record, and more.



Step 4: Looking for your notes? All are re-organized in “Notes” view. Costs, vendors and misc notes. Add any notes you like within the same page to remind you of the next payments, vendor contacts and the details you need to share.



Step 5: Visualize your whole progress with a big picture. Drag and drop each task to reschedule if needed with your fiancé, families, vendors and friends.



Step 6: Check and adjust any planning detail across your devices.  Download our Android app here. 

And because we love weaving a perfect and unique wedding as a memorable start for each new family, LadyMarry’s free, now and forever.

Are you ready? Breathe the wedding planning with the ones you love, and with LadyMarry

LadyMarry Wedding Planner is the #1 wedding planning App. Download for Android or iOS