Buying a wedding ring can be both fun and stressful, but the process is usually made easier when you realize that there is no perfect ring, but rather a perfect ring for you. Narrowing the search can make the job simpler, and can be achieved when you learn how to buy a wedding ring. Once you understand the basics of wedding ring buying, you can feel confident that your final purchase will be one that you will be happy with for many years to come.


1. Establish your budget before heading out to the jewelers and purchasing a wedding ring because it will help you stay focused on those rings that you are able to afford.

2. Decide whether you want a wedding ring with precious stones or if you would rather pick a style that is unadorned.

3. Educate yourself on the 4 Cs if you are interested in purchasing wedding bands with gemstones.

Understanding diamond or precious stone lingo is necessary for communicating your needs to the sales person. Additionally, if the sales person believes that you know what you are talking about, he or she will work harder to sell you what you want.

  • Clarity refers to how clear a diamond is. It also indicates the number of imperfections the stone has. A diamond with minimum flaws will cost more.
  • Carat describes the weight and size of the diamond, and the heavier the stone is, the more costly it will be.
  • Color refers to the shade of the stone. The diamond comes in many shades including white, brown, pink, and even black.
  • Cut describes the proportion of the gemstone. Understand that the cut of the diamond is different from the shape.Learn to tell the difference.

4. Choose a ring style that pleases both you and your spouse if you are interested in buying matching wedding rings. Rings are available in many metals, such as gold, white gold, titanium, and platinum.

5. Select a wedding ring that matches your personality. If you feel that you are a conservative type person, then a simple or traditional wedding ring would be best. If on the other hand, you consider yourself more modern, then a titanium ring with black diamonds may fit your contemporary qualities.

6. Match your wedding ring with your current jewelry. If you usually wear silver or sterling silver regularly, then a white gold or even platinum wedding ring would be ideal. You could even consider purchasing a two-tone wedding ring if you like to wear both silver and gold.

7. Decide what type of wedding ring would be practical and convenient. The question you should ask yourself is whether the wedding ring that you are interested in matches your lifestyle. You need to decide whether it is appropriate for your work or even your everyday routine.


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