Choosing formal wear for a wedding can be one of the most difficult things that a soon-to-be-groom does during wedding planning, but it doesn’t have to be. Some grooms are much more enthusiastic about picking outfits than others. But following some basic steps can help to choose a tuxedo for the groom that fits the style and tone of the event.



1. Plan ahead. Start making the arrangements for the groom’s formal wear months early to be sure that everything is provided for on the big day.

  • Make sure that the groom has access to a shop that will be providing the tux. Choosing a tux from a shop without good customer service can tend to put a crimp in the plans at the last minute if something goes wrong.

2. Choose a style that is endorsed by both the bride and the groom. These garment decisions often foreshadow what happens after the wedding; they are many times one of the first big joint decisions by the two who will be wed. Treat them accordingly and make the decisions together for a happy and harmonious wedding celebration.

  • Some experts recommend making sure that your choices of tux shops update their accessories and suits according to modern style. Some brides and grooms report that the offerings from smaller, older shops can tend to look a bit drab or not be quite up to date.

3. Decide whether to rent or buy a tux. This financial decision largely depends on whether the groom thinks that he will get much future use out of his tux or suit.

4. Talk to the providing shop about tailoring. Custom-fitting a tux is extremely important. After all, a lot of money gets spent on these outfits, and those who shell out for them want them to look good on the big day. The best formal wear shops will be able to fit just about any form, following an appropriate time frame to help the groom anticipate the big event.

5. Plan for practical aspects of the wedding celebration.

  • If you are having your wedding outdoors, talk to the formal wear shop about how to accommodate this kind of environment.
  • Predict how you will feel in a seasonal wedding. It’s a good idea to go with lighter tuxedos or suits for a summer wedding where heat will be a factor.

6. Pick out accessories. Besides the tuxedo itself, items ranging from cuff links to cummerbunds and vests to ties may need to be selected for an overall attire that will look great when the happy couple heads down the aisle.

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