Believe it or not, there are ways to lower a wedding cake price while
still going for the classiest of cakes. After reading this article,
you’ll be able to treat your guests with a mouthwatering cake which was
bought at reasonable price.

1. Make sure that the decoration and design are the right kinds to suit your taste before you agree to give an order to the baker.
Go through referrals and see what prices are being quoted. Look through
their real portfolio first before deciding on your cake (not the 3-ring
binder of flawless images). A supermarket could offer a wide range of
cakes at a lesser cost than your bakery. However, you should note
whether their cakes are made on the spot or produced elsewhere and
shipped in. Many supermarkets get their cakes in frozen, baked in a
central commissary. Freezing cake doesn’t necessarily damage it, but
thawing and refreezing cake and holding them an extra long time do
damage them. In addition, you will have to provide your own delivery to
the reception. Make sure someone has an SUV that is clean. Do not allow
someone to hold the cake or place it in a seat, both are a disaster
waiting to happen.

2. Decide on how you want to decorate your wedding cake, whether you want to keep it simple and cute or splendid and rich.
Avoid over-decorating the cake. It is not necessary to have a
five-tiered cake. Your baker will help you determine what size cake you
need for your guest count.

3. Consider borrowing the pillars. There are disposable
pillars available with your local baker or rental companies which are a
better alternative than those crystal pillars if you want to cut down on
the cost of the pillars. Let the baker or your local rental company
help you with the disposable pillars instead of the crystal ones.

4. Find prices at a cake making or culinary school near your place.
Students have baking and decorating cakes as part of their curriculum.
This may be a way to save a substantial amount of money, but you should
be aware that your cake is being made by students and may not have the
same quality as one made by a more experienced pastry chef.

5. Save on your wedding cake topper prices.

Often relatives and well-wishers ask what you need as a gift. Ask them for a wedding cake topper.

6. If you buy a multi-tiered cake, see that you decorate it yourself or have the florist do it for you.

If you want flowers on your cake but the cost of the sugar flowers
isn’t fitting in your budget, let your florist put real flowers on the
cake. Just make sure that they are non-toxic. Check the price of the
organic edible flowers. Silk flowers may be a better cost-saving

7. Consider a smaller tiered cake for effect, and get a sheet cake to feed the guests.
Even though it can be tempting to supplement with sheet cakes from the
grocery store, consider kitchen cakes for your extra servings. A kitchen
cake is an undecorated cake that looks exactly like your wedding cake
when cut and is cheaper than a decorated cake of the same size. This way
you can save a little and all your guests will get the same beautiful
slice of cake and some will not feel like they got shafted with a
grocery store sheet cake. Not only that, but many bakers won’t provide a
cake if you will be serving other cakes for insurance purposes and to
protect their reputation.

8. If your venue charges a cutting fee for cakes brought in from outside sources, consider a cupcake tower.
This will be priced comparably to a tiered cake, and you can avoid the
cutting fee since there is no cutting and plating involved for the
venue’s staff. Note that some reception sites call it a “cake service”
fee because it covers plates, silverware, and the server/dishwasher for
the extra time involved thus may apply to cupcakes or table cakes as

9. Find out your baker’s fee structure before you book.
Find out things like: do they charge a delivery fee, what is the rental
on cake stands, do they charge a setup fee, do they charge extra for
fillings or which fillings are included in the price, if you find out
your guest list is smaller than when you booked can you change the size
of the cake (thus reducing the cost of the cake in many cases), what is
the payment structure and is there a discount for paying cash up front,
is the cake price locked in for X amount of servings or will the price
go up if there is a price increase for the baker (minimum wage hike,
ingredient cost hike, etc.), etc.

10. Find out what portion size the baker is using. A
baker that uses a fruitcake slice is a different portion size than a
baker using a party slice than is a baker using a wedding slice. The
same counts for cupcakes as there are mini, regular, muffin, and Texas
sizes available. When figured inch per inch regular cupcakes can
actually be more expensive than having a tiered cake since the portion
is different. A baker charging $5/slice with a fruitcake slice vs. a
baker charging $5/slice for a party slice is a significantly different
value for the money.

11. A design that is easy for that particular baker is going to cost you less than a design that is more difficult for that baker.
Just as you have a specialty in the job you perform daily so does each
individual baker. Keep it easy on them it’ll keep it easy on your

12. Bakers are more eager to give you the little “something
extra” if you are easy to work with and pay on time with their payment
A little open communication goes a long way. Thursday
through Sunday are your baker’s busiest days of the week giving other
brides the same attention you want given to your cake, don’t expect
immediate replies to your email or calls during those days. Stay easy to
work with and your baker will be more likely to do the little extra on
the value side of your cake than you otherwise may have gotten. If you
have to send a check, make sure it’s sent before your deadline and use a
service like priority mail with delivery confirmation so you can send
your baker the tracking number and help avoid any problems involving
“the check is in the mail” potentially losing your deposit if it doesn’t
arrive in time.

13. If you can’t afford your original cake design after
booking work with your baker to design a new one that does fit your
budget better.
Refer to the above: A little open communication goes a long way!

14. Order your cake early as you may be able to lock in the
cost of the cake with some bakers before price increases take effect for
a given year.
This can also help you avoid extra fees such as “late
fees” if the cake is booked last minute (2 months or less from the


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