How to Involve Your Fiance in the Wedding Planning Process



Be honest, you’ve been planning your wedding day for as long as you can remember. You’ve dreamed of the perfect venue with captivating centerpieces, delectable food and that beautiful wedding dress everyone’s going to be talking about. Although all those details are important, you’ve also dreamed about the person you want to spend the rest of you life with, so don’t forget this magical day belongs to him as well! Here are a few suggestions on how to involve your fiance in the wedding planning process.

First off, understand that he should be involved. I know it’s hard to think about coordinating all the details that go into planning a wedding with someone who sees “blue” while you see navy, tiffany , nd cobalt, but it is possible. Start by talking to him and listening to what he wants – he might not have a wedding Pinterest board but he did propose to you, so he must have thought about some things wedding-related.

Get him involved with things he cares about and is good at

Most grooms can’t tell the difference between lilacs and hydrangeas, but they might be very particular about what kind of food you serve at your wedding event. Make sure he’s involved in the whole decision-making process. Ask him what things he’d like to take care of and if he doesn’t show excitement towards anything in particular, assign specific tasks to him such as finding a band/DJ or creating the wedding playlist, coming up with ideas for your menu, booking the honeymoon, designing your wedding invitations, putting together your wedding video, etc.

Ask for his help

Just because he can be involved with the things he likes doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck with the tedious wedding planning tasks. For better or worse, right? Be a delegator- ask for his help and even recruit your bridal party or close family members to help out.



Be open-minded and value his input

Working together and finding happy mediums start long before the “I do.” Instead of shutting down every idea your fiance has that is outside the traditional wedding box, ask yourself if that would truly make him happy and even make your day more fun. Plus, knowing that his ideas are actually coming to life in the event will boost his excitement and get him more eager to be involved in everything else.


Remember it’s not all about the wedding

Before bombarding your fiance with questions about color palettes or when he’s going to choose his tuxedo after a long day at work, have a dinner together and talk about your day, watch your favorite TV show, go for a walk – in short, keep dating your fiance. Set aside some time for wedding planning but don’t let it take over! Life still goes on when you’re planning your wedding (and so does your relationship). With the right balance, wedding planning won’t be as daunting and you and your fiance will feel more motivated to keep accomplishing your tasks.



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