You have dreamed of your wedding, now how do you pick the perfect location? Start by both you and your fiancé brainstorming and jotting down places where each of you would like to hold have your wedding.


1. Discuss, negotiate, and decide on a place where both of you will love.

Discuss how large the reception will be. Determine if you will be inviting everyone you both know or just close friends and family members. The number of people that a venue can accommodate will be a key in your selection process.

2. Evaluate how much you are willing to spend to rent that venue.

Come up with a firm amount and stick to it. If the venue you want costs more than what you have budgeted try to negotiate that cost. If they are unwilling to budge than you will have to decide if you want it bad enough to cut back on some other expenses for the wedding in order to cover the costs of the venue. Also another consideration is to change the day of your wedding and have it on a Friday or Sunday as most venues tend to be the priciest on Saturdays.


3. Whittle down the choices.

Once you have settled on a couple of possible venue sites you will need to further evaluate them. Make a list of items that you need to ask about and critique. What does the venue site provide for you? Do you have to provide your own tables and chairs or will they be provided? When they are included it makes one less thing for you to have to secure prior to your wedding taking place. For example dancing may be very important to you so you want to make sure that the venue can accommodate dancing and have an amazing dance floor. Do they have a kitchen where catering can heat up the food? Is parking easily assessable for guests? The venue location should be easy for people to find.


4. Go to the venue site and look around.

You may notice things about a venue site once you are there that you like or don’t like. Some of the venues will stand out while others will get crossed off your list. Taking the time to really go over all aspects of the planning details and making sure they are done well in advance will ensure you aren’t stressed out on your special day.

5. Consider if you want something less typical.

A typical ceremony site would be a church or synagogue, followed by a banquet hall reception. What if you want something a little different? Decide as a couple beforehand what kind of feel you want for your wedding. Each of these wedding locations will give their own unique atmosphere to the event. Consider having your wedding at one of these possible venues:

  • A restaurant with a courtyard or ocean view where you can have your ceremony and the added convenience of the reception at the same venue.
  • Botanical gardens where your guests can stroll through the grounds and your decorating costs will be at a minimum because of the beautiful surroundings.
  • Bed and breakfast inns offer out of town guests the convenience of lodging and you can also enjoy the accommodations of your first night together as husband and wife.
  • Historic homes have history and beauty to offer.
  • Museums and libraries offer guests the enjoyment of art and history.
  • Trains and boats offer a unique experience.
  • A beach wedding can offer you a relaxed atmosphere.
  • A winery is incredibly beautiful. There are plenty of activities for guests and family and luxury accommodations.
  • A mountain town or ski resort is a beautiful place to host weddings. There are always plenty of activities and luxury accommodations for guests and family.

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