Wedding day jitters often start well before the actual day. It is important to relax in the time leading up to your big day so you can truly enjoy yourself. Follow these steps in order to stay calm the night before the wedding.


1. Relax.

  • Do nothing the night before your wedding if your personality will allow it. After everything you have done leading up to this big day, you want to be able to enjoy it. Take some time for yourself the night before the wedding to relax and mentally and emotionally prepare for what you are about to do. Staying stressed until the last minute may take away from your special day.

2. Plan an activity.

  • Stay at your mom’s house or go out to a movie with your bridesmaids if you handle stress better by being active. Not only aren’t you alone the night before your wedding, but keeping busy may help ease some of the stress on the night before your wedding. Consider inviting your bridesmaids to stay overnight with you on the night before the wedding to help you stay calm the whole night through.

3. Be smart.

  • As much as alcohol may relieve the stress you may feel the night before your wedding, there are consequences for having a few drinks. The last thing you want on your big day is a big headache or a hangover. One glass of wine is probably fine, but just be sure not to let anyone talk to you into drinking more than you know is a good idea.
  • The same goes for eating. Don’t eat anything the night before your big day that may give you indigestion or heartburn on your wedding day. You know what your triggers are, so be sure to avoid them the night before you wedding.


4. Delegate last-minute tasks.

  • In order to keep your nerves calm right before your wedding, enlist others to help you stay that way. Ask friends and family to pick up the last minute ribbon or to take the place cards to the reception hall. Have someone else call the caterer with a quick question or the disc jockey with a new request.


5. Get plenty of sleep.

  • No matter what you choose to do the night before your wedding day, you’ll likely have to get up early in order to get everything done in time. Go to bed at a reasonable hour to account for the amount of time it may take you to even get to sleep in the first place. The more sleep you can get the night before your wedding day, the more energy you’ll have to make it through one of the biggest days of your life.


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