When we talked with our users, many brides and grooms that had a hard time to set up their registries. If you don’t want to have wine glasses or dinner china anymore,  Wanderable today will share their fun ideas for wedding registry. 





1. What makes Wanderable unique in wedding registry?

Wanderable is a new kind of honeymoon registry that allows engaged couples to register for experiences, over things. These experiences are highly curated, thoroughly researched and vetted by our team—so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

As of December 2014, we have the largest network of vendor partners than any other honeymoon registry: we have over 2,500 experiences, we’re in 150 cities, 22 countries and 5 continents. You want to drink champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Ride an elephant in Thailand? Walk the trails of Middle Earth in New Zealand? We’ve got you covered with Wanderable, there is literally something for everyone! Register for experiences; travel for adventure, live for love!

One lovely newly engaged couple said the reason they used Wanderable as wedding registry:

“We live in a tiny apartment and do not have enough space for things. Wanderable gave us a chance to design memorable experiences and do things together, rather than accumulate items we didn’t really need”

2. How did the idea of Wanderable arise?







Our Co-Founders, Jenny and Marcela, met as freshman roommates at Stanford. When Marcela was getting married and Jenny was her maid of honor, they found that no one had a solution to help the modern couple plan and register for their honeymoon.  Since over 75% of couples are now living together before they get married, they don’t need all the traditional pots and pans they would usually register for, so there was this apparent gap in the marketplace.  With experience at Amazon, Microsoft and two computer science degrees between the two of them, they figured they could be the ones to build the right product to help the busy couples discover, plan, and fund their dream trip.  Thus, Wanderable was born.

3. How long before the wedding day does Wanderable recommend brides-to-be come to use Wanderable for honeymoon registry to their guests?

On average, we have brides create their honeymoon registries 6-8 months in advance of their wedding date.  If a couple is very specific and knows where they want to go, we see them create their registries up to a year in advance on Wanderable.  Other planning tools like Lady Marry are also super helpful in their planning process since they allow them to track their planning procedures easily. The further out they plan, however, they can make sure that their guests know about their honeymoon registry as they get ready to buy them presents for their bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party (and of course, their actual wedding)!






Source: ladymarry.com

4. How could Wanderable support DIY brides from Lady Marry?

DIY brides that use Lady Marry can satisfy their love to build and customize their weddings and meet their every desires, so their honeymoon should be no different. This is where Wanderable comes in: Wanderable allows couples to pick and choose exactly what types of activities they want to do on their honeymoon:  if they are looking for adventure, we let you register for zip lining and paragliding.  If they’re looking for romance, we have private sunset cruises and champagne tastings.  If they’re looking for relaxation, we have couple’s massages and spa days.  Each of Wanderable’s partners go the extra mile to provide customization and tailoring to the couples wants for their once in a lifetime trip.

Additionally, Wanderable offers 5 different layouts that a DIY bride can fully customize: from the font type, to photographs, to button colors, we let them make their honeymoon registry truly their own.




Source: ladymarry.com


5. Could Wanderable recommend our newly-weds some most popular honeymoon destinations by season? 

Absolutely! We even go a step further and tell you the most popular honeymoon destinations by month. We have curated the best experiences around the world (right now we have over 2,500 experiences in 150 different cities) so couples are bound to find something that they’ll enjoy, no matter what time of year.




Source: Wanderable

Winter: Visit winter wonderlands and ice castles in Japan, or escape into summers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Spring: At the beginning of spring, be sure to watch out for unexpected weather, and the hordes of people on their spring break. Try stopping by the Honolulu festival in Hawaii or beat the heat in Rome.

Summer: Wanderable couples travel the world in summer.  We’ve seen couples go to the never-ending days of Iceland, to remote private beaches in Thailand, to exploring castles and beer in Ireland

Fall: With the northern half of the world in the midst of changing colors, the fall is perfect for couples to enjoy cozying up to their loved one. October is of course, the month of Oktoberfest, and its also a great time to take advantage of a Parisian café, or wander around warm South America.

6. What’s the craziest story you have heard about honeymoon?

We do tastemaker series on our blog where we feature some incredible individuals and couples.  Recently, we interviewed Mike and Anne who decided that a 10-day honeymoon wasn’t enough to celebrate their love for one another.  After that realization, they set off on a 675-day round the world honeymoon tour, and started their own blog and travel planning company. They truly found their calling!


Source: pinterest.com

We also had one couple receive over $10,000 in experiences for their honeymoon in Tanzania; they were gifted everything they requested on their registry. That’s not uncommon, but this was one of the bigger registries we’d seen! We love stories like that—it really validates our mission and we remind our couples that they should really go big when creating their registry!

Hope this interview was helpful. “Register for experience, travel for adventure, live for love!”

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