Meet LadyMarry’s lovely couple of their elopement Wedding in Capel Dulcinea, Austin, TX. Chapel Dulcinea is a beautiful open air chapel that sits on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the rolling hills outside of Austin. It is not only scenic and romantic, but affordable. We really love their wedding theme and color, which is mint, wine and succulents. The whole wedding is sweet, intimate and so lovely!


Q: What’s the theme/colors of your wedding? Why do you choose it/them?

Mint, wine, and succulents! I loved the sweet and southwestern touch without being overboard. We chose the colors as they complimented the foliage and cactuses on the grounds.


Q: What’s your biggest challenge when planning a wedding?

We planned from a distance, so our biggest challenge was not being able to visually see the venue before the day of our wedding, and not meeting any of our vendors. We were very fortunate that the venue was gorgeous, and our vendors were amazing!


Q:Why did you choose LadyMarry when planning a wedding?

LadyMarry was clean and streamlined with good planning tools, and very few ads. You could tell LadyMarry was designed for simplicity and ease of use . I downloaded many wedding planning apps when we got engaged, and it was the only one I kept.


Q: Describe a best moment on your wedding

The moment we were pronounced husband and wife. The look on my husband’s face was sheer joy. I have a mental photo of it in my mind.


Q: Any advice to brides-to-be? 

Keep your spouse at the root of every planning decision you make. It is your wedding, and ultimately when all the guests are gone, the food is eaten, the music is quiet, you need to live with the memories of your special day. Design your day around the memories you want to take with you for always.


Photo credit: J.masciana

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