This time, LadyMarry brings a new couple from Manila, Philippines to our Real Wedding blog. We love this wedding not only the couple looks so sweet and in love, but the bride provide us much insightful advice for brides-to-be. We are so impressed by how they cherish the marriage itself in very deep understanding.


Ceremony: Saint Vincent de Paul Church

Reception: The Bayleaf, Intramuros

Q: Why did you choose these venues?

The location of both the Church and the Reception are very close to each other, it is very ideal for us and for the guests. I also like the fact that the beautiful facet of the church is the presence of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal up in the altar. Another thing is that Intramuros is very historic and is the oldest city of Manila. It is called a city within a city (or Walled City), and is as well as called a wedding destination of the Philippines.


Q: What’s the theme/colors of your wedding? Why do you choose it/them?

Earth Tones – Because we wanted the wedding to be simple and very neutral.


Q: What’s your biggest challenge when planning a wedding?

…Decision-making; choosing and contacting suppliers and vendors; completing everything, as much as possible, on our checklist.


Q: Why did you choose LadyMarry when planning a wedding?

I wanted to use the organizer tool for things to do and budget list, as well as, I liked the emails I was receiving because I got some ideas for the DIY. Since most of our wedding preparations were DIY.

(Example: Entourage flowers, my bridal bouquet, wedding favors, sponsors gifts, invitations, other print outs, and program.)


Q: Describe a best moment on your wedding

…When we were finally at the Altar, saying our vows before God and before our family and close friends.


Q: Any advice to brides-to-be? 

Have a very detailed checklist and constantly update it. It’s very easy to lose track of very important items and things to do because of having so many things in mind. Stay calm as much as you can. Don’t over think things. Don’t let decision-making tear you and your fiancé apart. Trust your partner and compensate whenever possible. You are in this together, you both decide together. Lastly, the marriage itself is still more important than all the preparations in the world. Because whether you have finished everything or not, whether you have spent very little or too much, it is still the I do’s and your vows that matter the most. It is still about the celebration of your union and your love for each other that will ultimately prevail.



Photo credit:Treasured Memories

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