So how does one arrive with a wedding theme?

First and foremost, the couple should decide which type of wedding theme suit their personalities and lifestyle. Once they’ve picked their theme, it’s a lot easier to coordinate the invitation, styling, favors, flowers, dresses, menu, music and all the other items required when it revolves around a specific theme.

Below are some possible wedding themes and ideas that I have gathered online which you can use for your own wedding. I have listed them in no particular order.

1. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom is the unofficial national flower of Japan. (“Sakura” is the Japanese name for cherry tree.).  This beautiful Japanese flower can range in colors from white to a pale pink to dark pink.


2. Shabby Chic



For a shabby chic theme, the wedding details chosen should have signs of wear and tear or new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. At the same time, a soft, minimalistic, and feminine feel is emphasized to differentiate it from regular vintage decor; hence the “chic” in the name.


Antique pieces such as pie safes and jelly cupboards are popular in shabby chic décor.




3.  Beach



Most couples choose this wedding theme for its laid back and peaceful atmosphere. There are a lot of beautiful beaches in the Philippines where you can hold your beach wedding. You can opt for a church ceremony +  beach reception or a beach ceremony + beach reception which is kinda cool and romantic most especially if you are having a sunset or sunrise beach wedding.


Other people who don’t have the luxury of time to plan an out-of-town beach wedding can also bring the beach to their venue of choice (garden or indoor) by incorporating beach or ocean-related decors to their reception venue.


4. Butterfly



Many ideas abound when creating a celebration based on butterflies. You can choose to go with a simple, all white butterfly wedding theme or perhaps choose to have a color scheme related to a specific species of butterfly.


5. Rose

The rose theme wedding idea pairs the vibrant fragrances and colors of roses with the beautiful colors of the rainbow for a casual, yet unique celebration.

Depending upon the roses (types and colors) that you choose to use, they can impart either a formal or a casual atmosphere. With this particular flower theme, you can focus on a casual setting using the colors found in a rainbow (soft shades of pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple), along with complimentary corresponding roses.


6. Victorian Vintage



Do you love the idea of vintage weddings? Is the Victorian era your personal favorite? Let’s plan a wedding with elegance and nostalgic fun.

Victorian weddings are a wonderful choice for a garden wedding. Serve up some crumpets, tea, and old world charm with this Victorian garden theme.


7. Rustic Country Style



Do you want a country-style wedding with rusticity and charm by the bucketful? Envisioning a glorious ride for two around the hayfield? See yourself gliding down the aisle in a fresh-as-summer cotton eyelet gown?

If you crave an atmosphere of relaxation, simplicity, and rustic charm, consider unusual country weddings with old-fashioned country-style. Country theme weddings can transport you and your guests to a simpler time, if only for a moment.


8. Romantic Whimsical


Candlelight, champagne, a beautiful aura of ambience – this is what a romantic wedding theme entails. From soft subtle colors to fine music and elegant decorations, fairytale weddings speak to the heart.

So what constitutes a romantic wedding theme? Some may lean toward red or pink hearts; soft, delicate flowers; candles; bubbly champagne and wine; pearls; large bows; organza and chiffon materials; romantic music.


As you can see, there are many romantic wedding theme variations that work well with “romance”… and they don’t have to be just hearts and flowers! How about a “Love” wedding, where you use the words of love in different languages – on favor tags, place settings… even on your invitations?


9. Oriental



This is not an exact composite of an Oriental wedding. Instead, these Asian wedding ideas will give you a general idea of some Asian (mostly Chinese) traditions and customs that you may wish to include.

The best thing to keep in mind is that the wedding colors for an oriental wedding are usually red and yellow. White is used sparingly since this color is associated with funerals.


10. Outdoor Tent



I think everyone, at one time or another, has toyed with the idea of having an outdoor tent wedding. The fresh air, the room and the freedom it inspires fills us with romantic notions of how perfect our wedding could be.

However, having an outdoor wedding comes with its own challenges. Having an outdoor tent wedding can be very romantic and fun, but it does take a lot of advance planning and coordination.

To be continued…



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