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11. Tropical


When you think of the tropics, what comes to mind are warm, sandy beaches, sunshine and blue-green waters. Other icons of the tropics encompass flowers such as orchids, hibiscus and exotic lilies; palm trees; conch shells; and luaus.

Each of the different tropical islands in the world have their own cultural traditions and customs that make their weddings unique and very interesting and you can find pages on the internet relating to the wedding traditions of the different islands.


12. Spring


Spring wedding colors usually lean toward pastel shades paired with the vibrant hues such as the bright yellows and reds of tulips or the deep purple of an iris. You can easily create an engaging wedding color scheme by pairing two or more colors together such as pinks and greens, hot oranges and pinks, or deep purples and vibrant (or pale) yellows. Just take your cue from nature itself.


When it comes to spring wedding ideas, the main rule of thumb is to stay away from the dark, rich colors usually associated with fall and winter (burgundy reds, pumpkin oranges, golden yellows, rich royal blues and purples). Remember to keep your wedding colors light and airy to reflect the renewal of spring.


13. Summer



Summer is the time of year when a huge variety of flowers are available. Keep your guests in mind when planning your reception. Summer, being what it is, can range from a warm, sunny, mild day; or develop a blistering heat wave; or provide a never-ending torrent of rain. You need to be prepared if you are having an outdoor wedding and should choose a location where shelter (and air conditioning) is available, if possible.


In the end, just remember that summer wedding ideas offer you a freshness reflecting the season, lots of sunshine, and happiness. Enjoy your perfect day to the fullest.


14. Pirate


If you’re feeling a little more daring and adventurous or if you’re a big fan of Jack Sparrow, you may want to consider this theme. Not too many couples have used this theme so it is still quite unique.

With the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies being so popular, there are dozens of places that sell party supplies and favors that would be suitable to use for a pirate wedding. One favor idea I saw was pirate-designed pens and pencils, which you could purchase from National bookstore or any other book store that carries these items. You can also have the pens/pencils personalized with your names and wedding date.


15. Christmas


Typically, Christmas themed weddings will usually have Christmas trees as part of the decor – so why not take that to the next level by using a lot of green in your decorations?

Use large and small tree shapes for centerpieces and favors; have your wedding cake made to look like a beautifully decorated tree decorated, and use brightly lighted and decorated trees as decor.


16. Fine Art



If you’re a couple that loves art, museums and other artistic pursuits, or if painting is a hobby that brings you hours of pleasure, then you may want to consider a wedding theme based on “Artists of the World.”

You can feature either your favorite modern-day artists or perhaps take a trip back in history to create a unique celebration around famous artists such as Leonardo De Vinci, Rembrandt, and Claude Monet.


17. Angel



When planning an angel theme wedding, think fluffy white feathers, cute cherubs, Grecian columns and urns, and of course, angel wings to use as a decorating scheme. Colors should be soft and dreamy, like a light dusty rose and sage green combination with gold accents. A soft baby blue with lilac and white accents is also a nice color mixture.


18. Starry Starry Night


Capture the essence of a celestial marriage celebration with this starry night theme wedding idea. Look for designs that signify a star wedding theme. For your invitation, select midnight blue or black paper and have your wording printed in gold lettering.


19. Sports Theme

Celebrations based on sports themed weddings are an interesting concept and they do lend themselves well to a lot of decorating options. Just choose your favorite sport or team, then use the colors and symbols available to help build your wedding theme.

Invitations, decor, favors, cake design, colors, and often food choices, will all be centered around your favorite sport. If you both have a favorite team, then it should help make your planning even easier.


20. Backyard


An informal backyard wedding differs from outdoor weddings held at private venues in the sense that you are inviting your guests to your house. What more charming a place for a wedding than your own garden, decorated with your favorite furniture and already filled with warm memories.

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