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21. Barn

A barn theme is another variation of a country-themed wedding.

The major idea revolves around an atmosphere of relaxation, simplicity, and rustic charm, and old-fashioned country-style.


22. Picnic


If you are aiming for a low-budget wedding maybe you can achieve it with this theme especially if you can pull off the styling on your own. You can buy stylish picnic blankets from Divisoria. You can also ask your caterer to pack brown bag lunches for the guests, and put a sticker on each one with the menu written on it. Cute!




23. Barbecue


Mention a barbecue and most people immediately think of eating outdoors and a man cooking at the grill in a big apron and chef’s hat. The masculine feel of a barbecue theme is what makes it different from a picnic theme.

Other common barbecue elements include the colors red, white and blue; colorful plastic dinnerware; and fresh flowers–plus lots and lots of food.

So to decorate for a barbecue-themed wedding, it’s natural to start with the table settings. Purchase plastic red and white checked tablecloths to cover all of the tables. Set the table with plastic or paper plates and plastic utensils.


24. Retro


During these days of modern fashion, the retro style wedding is again returning back and the demand for the retro style wedding gowns, wedding bands and jewelry is gradually rising up. Everything that was old is stealthily turning to be new again.

Trying the retro style wedding may be a fun – just as overwhelming as the most modern style of wedding. Some of the unique ideas of wedding can be found just by giving a backward glance to the style and the fashions of the past eras.


25. Modern Vintage


Timeless pieces can make a wedding classic yet fresh and modern, and not too “theme-y”. Think old leather, heavy damask textures, pinstripes and ribbon. You should also have stunning photography, a dramatic lighting and shadows, a vintage-y location, everything should be classic!


26. Travel


If you love travel almost as much as you love one another, why not plan a travel-themed wedding? Here’s how.

Decide what element of travel you want to focus on as your theme. Is there a particular destination that you want to re-create? Or is it a particular element of travel, such as going on a cruise, that will be central to your wedding theme?



27. Winter Wonderland


What’s great about this season is that delicate snowflakes and sparkling ice crystals can usually be found within most winter themes… and these are easy to work with and enhance.

There are a lot of options available to help plan a winter wedding celebration. Take your time and explore the related articles on this page for lots of enchanting ideas.


28. Fairy


Do you like fairies? Plan your marriage celebration around this charming fairy theme wedding idea.

Do you love magic and mystery? Want an outdoor wedding surrounded by flowers and birds? Wouldn’t you like to be transported to an enchanted land on your wedding day?


29. Rock

Variations of these theme are punk rock, glam rock and rock & roll themes.

If you can imagine yourself walking down the aisle to Coldplay’s “Yellow”, or dancing with your husband for the first time to The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”, then you might want to consider having a rock themed wedding.

The genre of rock and roll is very broad, diverse and can refer to so many types of rock music so it all depends on your type of rock music.


30. Modern Filipiniana


When we say Filipiniana theme, the elements mainly revolve around things with Filipino roots or those associated with Filipinos or the Philippines. Wedding details used are those that highlight our the Filipino culture.

For the gown of the bride, it could be a terno-inspired gown (a kind of Filipino dress worn by women made of piña fabric and has distinct puffy sleeves) while for the groom it should be a barong made of piña fabric as well.




So there you have it!

Thirty wonderful wedding theme ideas. I must have skipped some because honestly there are no boundaries or limits with regard to choosing a wedding theme. You can choose whatever your creative mind can conceive or you can mix and match those that I have listed above. It is all up to you!

Have fun conceptualizing your theme.



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