When you look back on your wedding day, there are many memories that stand out: walking down the aisle, your first dance and the engaging speeches of family and friends. However, without a professional wedding movie, these memories will fade quickly through time. In the past two decades, we have witnessed the service of videography evolve from a simple wedding video into what is now a cinematic experience. If you haven’t seen a professionally produced wedding movie lately, then you’re in for a treat. Infinity and Ovation’s preferred videographer, VideoMagic Productions (VMP), has offered to share with you some tidbits and thoughts about finding the perfect company to produce your wedding day video.

Today’s wedding movies are more engaging and entertaining than ever before. Today’s top studios are producing a short-form movie (approximately 30 minutes) which highlights the day in an extremely unique fashion. VMP owner, Mark Salloum, says, “The short-form movie has allowed people a chance to share the biggest day of their lives on social networking sites. This is a feature we provide to all of our customers.” On a technical point, make sure that your studio of choice is using High Definition cameras and burning your final movie on a Blu-Ray disc.

The first and most important factor when selecting the “perfect” studio for you is whether or not their portfolio inspires you and your fiancé. All professional companies will have samples on their website or links to sites such as Vimeo or YouTube where dozens of movies might be available. VMP owner, Mark Salloum, says, “If our prospective bride and groom aren’t excited and passionate about hiring us to produce their wedding film, then they should find a company which does excite them.” Upon reaching the interview process, it is crucial to ask some important and critical questions. Here are a few provided by VMP to help you get started:

Image by Marek Dziekonski

•How many cameras and operators are on site for my wedding?

• Are you filming with HD cameras (and hopefully DSLR)? Do you bring backup cameras and other equipment?

• How much time do you spend with us and where will you go with us?

• Can we provide music to be used in the movie?

• Will we be allowed changes once we view the movie?

Finally, cost. Everyone is obviously on a budget…we understand. However, this is not a place to cut corners. Most people don’t realize the time and energy which goes into producing a movie, about 70 man hours, according to VMP, for filming, editing and many other tasks involved. That being said, you get what you pay for, the case with any service. Be sure to weigh the value when making your decision. “Our mission is for each couple to exclaim that the wedding movie was the best money spent on their wedding day”.

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Source: infinityandovation.com

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