We asked hundreds of wedding flower experts across the country for their best tips to getting
the wedding flowers you want. Here are their top 10 tips.

1. Do your homework.

Interview floral designers as you would interview any other professional to make sure you both have
the same vision. “The most important aspect is that you feel comfortable
with the designer and you feel you are being listened to,” says Sadie
Gardner of Sadie’s Fine Floral Design
in Minneapolis, MN. “If you have that connection with the floral
designer, they will be able to bring to life floral designs that execute
your vision, even if you can’t articulate it or know nothing about

2. Go local.

Picking your wedding flowers
based on your wedding destination and date not only saves you money
(in-season flowers can be much less expensive than those pricy hot-house
peonies you’re eyeing!), but also is a great way to give a nod to your
locale. The florists at Fleur de Lis Flowers
in Saint Paul, MN, say, “Not only is it important to us to support
local and pesticide-free product, but it is amazing to have such control
over the quality of the flowers we send out to our brides and to feel
like we are sending it right from our own garden!”

3. Design a doppelganger.

Love the look of hydrangea, but can’t invest in this pricey bloom for twenty centerpieces? Candice Ryan from La Petite Fleur
in Glenside, PA, says your florist can help you find a less-expensive
look-a-like. “Carnations are lovely, accessible, inexpensive flowers
that, when bundled, can mimic the ethereal, garden look of a hydrangea,”
Candice says.

4. Think outside the vase…

Breaking away from traditional flower vessels is a simple way to totally
change the look of your wedding flowers – and to get a completely
unique centerpiece to boot. “Think about using Morocco-influenced urns,
wooden boxes, tea cups, and vintage vases to hold your centerpiece
arrangements,” says Stephanie Elhayani of Seed Floral Couture
in West Hollywood, CA. “And don’t be afraid to mix and match. Combining
flea-market finds with anything from family heirlooms to hand-me-downs
will be a charming touch!”

5. …and outside flowers!

Not a flower person? Don’t force it! “To jazz up floral arrangements
and personal flowers, try adding feathers, buttons, decorative wire,
candy, seashells, branches, wheat grass, and even fruits and veggies
like asparagus and pears for an X-factor effect,” says Christina Patton
of Pretty Witty Floral Design in Irvine, CA.

6. Pick a color and design scheme – not a flower scheme. 

“Any florist worth their salt can come up with cutting-edge designs
within your budget if you give them colors over ‘must-have flowers’ that
you specifically write into the contract,” says Rosalind of Bells of Ireland,
which serves the Greater Worcester, MA, area. “They can show you how
some flowers can be swapped in for others, saving you big money! Aside
from saving you money, it might just also save the day.”

7. Recycle your blooms.

Cut costs by making your arrangements pull double duty. “Reuse your
ceremony flowers at the reception,” says Danielle Prevette of Something Chic Floral
in Urbandale, IA. “This helps keep cost down, and your florist is more
than happy to come back after the ceremony and move everything to the

8. Don’t forget greenery!

“Consider foliage your best friend,” says Ellen Kim of Gingerleaf Floral
in Oakland, CA. “Having your floral designer incorporate foliage with
unusual textures and silhouettes can turn a ho-hum arrangement into a
precious jewel or a stunning centerpiece. And foliage is comparatively
less expensive than most floral blooms, so it can also stretch your
floral budget.”

9. Make it personal.

Select your
wedding flowers for a reason. “Do you have memories of your fiance
bringing you yellow roses? Does your grandmother grow hydrangea in her
garden? Does your mom wear gardenia-scented perfume? Flowers should be
chosen for a reason, not just the color,” says Mary Coombs of A Garden Party Florist in Elmer, NJ.

10. Bring examples.

Your florist isn’t a mind reader, so be sure to clue them in to your
wedding style. “The tip I give my clients is to put together a ‘vision
board’ with color swatches of your favorite colors or desired color
scheme from a local paint store, as well as pictures from magazines and
websites that show your style and overall decor preferences,” says
Sayles Livingston of Sayles Livingston Flowers in Adamsville, RI.


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