Are you struggling to choose your bridal hair accessories and jewelry? Here, Anna Hartshorn from Sweetheart Vintage Designs offers her expert tips and advice for finding your perfect finishing touches.

When should I start looking for my accessories?

It’s best to choose your dress before you begin choosing your accessories, so you can make sure they coordinate. This doesn’t stop you looking, in the meantime, to find out what companies sell the style of accessories you like. If you get the opportunity, try on as many different hair accessories as you can because they tend to look very different in the hair. You may end up falling in love with something that didn’t catch your eye to begin with.

I don’t usually wear much jewelry, what should I do for our wedding day?

It’s up to you how much or little you decide to wear. There are some beautiful, delicate accessories that you will probably feel more comfortable in. Some people opt for one statement piece, and in this case it’s advisable to keep other accessories simple.

Should I wear silver or gold jewelry?

Gold jewelrythorn-yang-104864 is becoming more popular and usually goes well with champagne and gold-colored dresses. Silver is always very popular and goes well with white and ivory dresses. It’s personal which you prefer, but ideally all your jewelry should match in terms of metal color.

How do I choose between different types of bridal hair accessories?


Headbands are very versatile as they can be worn with the hair down, half up or all up. You can ask to have the band wrapped with a ribbon that matches your hair color if you want it to blend in, or pearls and crystals if you want it to stand out.  Side headbands are particularly fashionable right now.

Hair Combs

Hair combs vary in size and shape, and are usually better if at least some of the hair is up. If you are wearing a veil this could be kept on a separate simple comb that can be removed after the ceremony while the decorative comb is left in.


With a tiara, all of the focus is on the front of your head but again they are versatile in the fact that you can have them with your hair in any style.

Hair Pins

Hair pins are more understated and can be worn towards the back of the head, especially if you choose prominent jewelry. They can be interspersed into a bun, chignon or Grecian-style plait for some subtle sparkle.

What about bridesmaids?

Some brides like to choose hair accessories for their bridesmaids that coordinate with their own, such as a hair comb that matches the bride’s headband. Some of my brides have chosen different hair combs for each of their bridesmaids, so don’t feel as if you have to conform to having all their accessories matching. If they choose something they really like, they are likely to wear it again after the wedding.

What if the item I like isn’t exactly how I want it?

Some companies offer a customization service allowing you to tailor products to your needs and create something very unique.


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