We attend and plan our weddings knowing there are certain things we will experience and include. We search for the perfect white dress. We hunt through many florists to find just the right designer to create our bouquet. We make our list of who will be our groomsmen and bridesmaids. Often we spend hundreds of dollars just on our veil. Did we ever stop to ask why? Where did these traditions come from? Did we know that some of them are rooted in the religious, medieval custom and even superstition?

Wedding Custom

Joining as husband and wife dates as far back to the creation story in the Bible when God created Adam and Eve. The story tells of God joining the two together so they would not walk alone and could have one another for friendship, help, and love. Pairing together two by two is as old as the beginning of time. From that starting point many customs were created, and today we call that process, The Wedding.

The Wedding Party

The selection of ushers and groomsmen dates back to, believe it or not, an era when a groom would “steal” his bride. The groomsmen were more like a small army the groom would select to fight off the bride’s family while he stole his future love. How romantic!?

The White Dress

White has always been a symbol of purity and is why it is highly chosen as the color of wedding dresses. In the Puritan era, blue was the color of purity and often blue sashes, or blue gowns were worn during the time. This is where the phrase “something blue” comes from when carrying “something borrowed, something blue” on your wedding day.

The Veil

Covering one’s hair or head is a sign of reverence in many religions and still continues today. In weddings, it represents innocence and modesty. In some ancient cultures, the veil covered the entire face and only after the marriage was the groom allowed to see whom he was marrying!

The Bouquet

Everyone loves flowers! This wedding custom has been existed for such a long time. During many eras brides would choose flowers that had meanings of love for their wedding bouquets; flowers like forget-me-nots (forever love), lily of the valley (purity), and white roses (true love). But in medieval times, it was often fragrant herbs that were chosen, not flowers, to drive away evil spirits from the wedding.

The Rings

Wearing wedding rings symbolizes the bond between a married couple. The reason the ring is placed on the fourth finger on the left hand or “the ring finger” is because the ancient Romans believed the vein in this finger went directly to the heart. The symbolism is evident

As you plan your wedding or attend a friend’s beautiful day, know that the many experiences you are blessed to be included, have an ancient tradition rooted in many years of love, belief, and faith.

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Written By: Melissa Prestinario

Wedding Coordinator

Memorial Church Stanford University

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