“Are you available on our wedding day?” – When we meet wedding planners first time, besides this basic question, what questions should we ask?

Let’s check the question list and have a good and efficient interview with our wedding planners candidates.

About wedding planner himself/herself


1. How long have been a wedding planner? Is this your full-time job?

2. How many wedding have you planned? What is the average cost of them?

3. If you’ll help us plan our wedding, how many other weddings will you working on at the same time?

4. Could you provide us your portfolio or some references?

About wedding planner’s services

5. How will you charge for your services? Hourly, percentage of our cost or a flat fee? Any additional fee? How do we pay it and what is the refund and cancel policy?

6. Can you help us stay in our budget?

7. What is included in your service package?

  • Set up wedding rehearsal?
  • Handle the invitations?
  • Set up times with vendors?
  • Handle rentals? (Do you have indemnity insurance?)

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8. How many meetings will we have? How should we contact you, phone call or email?

9. What should we be responsible for during the planning? How will you remind us?

10. Will you provide a schedule of the wedding planning? How will you make sure everyone(vendors, wedding party members and our families) follow the planning schedule?

About wedding details (venue, themes and vendors)


11. Have you ever worked at this venue?

12. Do you have any wedding colors and wedding themes idea?

13. Do you have any prefered vendors? Will you offer any discount, if we choose them?

14. Will you arrange and attend all of the vendor meetings?

15. Will you help us handle the contract and payment processing?

16. If there is any issue with vendors, are you responsible to handle them?

About your wedding day

17. Do you have a back-up plan for bad weather?

18. Will you be on site on our wedding day? How many assistants will be at the wedding? Do we need provide the catering?

19. If you cannot attend our wedding due to urgency, do you have the back-up planner? What is his/her experience?

20. Will you provide a timeline of the wedding day and a floor plan of the venue? Will you coordinate the delivery details and arrival time with every vendor and wedding party members?

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