Wish Upon a Lantern - LadyMarry wishes you a lovely Lantern Day

Wrote by LadyMarry

Happy Lantern Festival! Symbolizing good luck and prosperity, the launching and lighting of lanterns is always a highly anticipated ritual during many wedding ceremonies. 

The cultural beliefs behind releasing paper lanterns offer a particularly poignant and appropriate sentiment for weddings as the newlyweds forsake their individual courses in life to embark on a new journey together. Whether you choose to light one lantern or dozens, the thought-provoking beauty of the moment will live forever in the hearts and minds of everyone in attendance. 

Lanterns can decorate many parts of your wedding, far beyond the launching. How about a lantern-style reception table?

A lantern centerpiece is also good for your vintage wedding. 

How about this lovely design for the kids? Pinky candy decors are always the favorites for your little guests.

If you have any Asian friends around, don’t forget sending your best wishes around this special day. Also, before you order your lanterns, check out the to-dos on the wedding checklist before you get started to decorate a ceremony 😛

P.S. Welcome to our Pin board to find more lanterns with love.

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